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9 FUN FACTS about Kavala

kavala moon


Kavala, which is located in the northeast of Greece, is a really important center for the Balkans.

Here are some fun facts about the city!


''In the steps of Apostle Paul'', Kavala Greece

shutterstock kavala kamares 1

''Kamares'', Kavala Greece

kavala far

''Fortress'', Kavala Greece


''Imaret Hotel'', Kavala Greece

oikia moxamet ali 01

''Mohamed Ali's House'', Kavala Greece


''Tobacco Museum'', Kavala Greece

biblia chora ampelonas

''Ktima Biblia Chora'', Kavala Greece

lydia rooms hotel apartments kavala 10

Clay Treatment Center ''Krinides'', Kavala Greece

20140310202016ntikili tas1

''Dikili Tash'', Kavala Greece

These were some interesting fun facts about Kavala, that every visitor shall know while on vacation in this city!