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7 things to do in Dion!

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Dion, which is in Pieria, is located at the foot of Mountain Olympus and it's a village, connected with the ancient times of Greece.

Here are some things, a visitor can do in Dion!

Visitors of Dion can't miss going to the archaeological museum of Dion. In this museum people will have the chance to view exhibits of ancient buildings, the old center of Dion, sanctuaries etc. and learn more about the history of Dion.

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''Archaeological Museum of Dion'', Dion Greece

Just 10 minutes drive of the Dion town, guests can view the beautiful Orlias stream and waterfalls, which are inside nature and follow the hiking trails.

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''Orlias stream and waterfalls'', Dion Greece

Near Dion, there are two interesting destinations for the religious ones,  the Old Monastery of St. Dionysius and the new one. There, the guests can admire the architecture of the buildings, both the new and the old one, and the existing chapel.

st dionisios monastery 1

''Old Monastery of St. Dionysius'', Mount Olympus

Around 40 minutes drive south of Dion, visitors can try hiking at the Mount Olympus and follow the hiking trails of it, which will lead them to amazing views. At these views they will enjoy fresh air and the beauty of nature.


Hiking, Mount Olympus

In addition to hiking, guests can try the extreme sport of kayaking on the Orlias stream, with the assistance of an instructor. By kayaking there, they will enjoy and get to see the beautiful views of the nature around them. 

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''Canoe-Kayaking'', Mount Olympus

About 10 minutes drive north of Dion, there's a city called Katerini where visitors can try and explore it. In a city plenty of choices and things to do, a guest can taste the local food, pay a visit to the churches of the area etc. 

taxidi katerini pieria

''Katerini'' city, Katerini Greece

Last but not least, visitors can't miss going to the Paralia Katerini's where the beach, the fountain of the area and the Holy Church of Saint Photine are all gathered in one place.

Paralia Kateriris

''Paralia Katerini's'', Katerini Greece