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Interesting things to do in Edessa!



Edessa, is a city in northern Greece, which is also known as the ''City of Waters and 5 senses'' because of its waterfalls.

Here are some interesting things to do in Edessa!

The first thing that every visitor should try and see on their trip is the crystal waterfalls that Edessa has. Ideally, going down the wooden stairs by the waterfalls, a visitor will have the chance to see, from a better view, the waterfall and go behind it or even enter the small cave that's there.

edessa waterfalls 1024x682 1

''Waterfall in Edessa'', Edessa Greece

Close to the waterfalls there is the traditional street of Edessa, called Varosi, where the visitors can take a walk and breathe the fresh air of the place. Additionally, they can walk down the street and try the local food, and or/even the shopping stores gathered there.

varosi edessa7 829x432 1

''Traditional Street Varosi'', Edessa Greece

Not far from Edessa, there is an ancient wetland called ''Tiavos'' which now is a shelter for over 150 bird species and 40 fish species. A visitor will get the experience of bird watching in 2 different ways. The first one is by watching them from a wooden bridge above the wetland and the second one is by using a boat, in the lake, from the locals.

Λίμνη Άγρα πηγές Βρυττών

''Agra Nisi Vrytta Wetlands'', Edessa Greece

Located at the center of Edessa, Aquarium Reptile House is a great choice for visitors such as families, because it has many species of reptiles to see and admire, such as snakes, turtles etc.


''Aquarium Reptile House'', Edessa Greece

About 1:30 hour drive north of Edessa there is a mountain called ''Paiko'' where hiking and mountaineering are pretty easy for the visitors. Up there lie many forests, meadows and waterfalls, where visitors will have the time to relax in nature.


''Mount Paiko'', Edessa Greece

About an hour drive north of Edessa, visitors can try, when in winter season, winter sports at the Kaimaktsalan Ski Center called ''Voras'' such as skiing, snowboarding etc. If someone is not interested in trying those sports , they can have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate at the chalet of the center and enjoy the view of the snow.

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''Voras'' Kaimaktsalan Ski Center - Edessa Greece

For the history lovers, a great idea would be a visit to the ancient city of Aigai, or in its modern name ''Vergina''. The visitors in this archeological site will view the ruins of ancient palaces, an ancient theater of the place etc.

vergina museum photo4

''Ancient city of Aigai-Vergina'', Vergina Greece

One of the historic landmarks of the town, the Byzantine Bridge Kioupri, is an old, stone, well-preserved bridge at the center of Edessa. Visitors can enjoy crossing the bridge while they take a walk through the nature of the town, under trees and by the river ''Edessaios''.  

Bridge Kioupri

''Byzantine Bridge Kioupri'', Edessa Greece

Located close to the center of the town of Edessa, the Cathedral Church of the Koimisis is a great idea, for the religious visitors, to admire the beauty of it. In there,  people can admire the unique wall paintings and the architecture of the church.

edessa koimisis church 1

''Church of Koimisis'', Edessa Greece

Loutra Pozar is a complex of thermal springs/baths which is located 32,5 km north of Edessa. By visiting the complex, people will get the experience to bathe in water (that springs from rocks) which is set at the temperature of 37°C. Visitors with health issues such as rheumatism, circulatory or respiratory diseases etc, choose to bathe in the water or even drink it because it is therapeutic.     

loutra pozar giati aksizei na ta episkefteite featured

''Loutra Pozar'', Edessa Greece

As can be seen, Edessa is a destination which provides many options to its visitors to explore it and, enjoy the natural beauty of Greece!